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Monday, January 22, 2018
Ms. K (reading): link to reading homework:
Mrs. Groenke:
There were a few handwriting sheets not finished today, they should be completed. A couple students need some more handwriting practice, so they have a blank sheet coming home to complete in full.
***Religion Project***
Look for the Creation Project packet. It is fully explained in detail in the packet. Included are all rubrics used to grade the project. When turning in the project on Friday, February 2, 2018, please return the packet with the project. The packet is where I will grade the project.
Be creative and have fun with the project. Parent help is encouraged, just don’t do it for them please.
 Winter is here! The students are asked to bring a winter cap and gloves/mittens every day to school. If there is snow outside they should bring snow boots and snow pants. Consider it their homework!
Spelling tests are on Fridays unless otherwise noted. Please practice these words through out the week. I sent home a lined/numbered paper and two practice pages for you to use to practice the spelling words. You do not have to use it, I just thought it might help. It is not homework, it does not get turned in to me.
 Weekly skills information sheets go home on Friday, look for it in the blue folder. Also in the blue folder, is their monthly behavior calendar. Please review it and leave it in the folder for our continued use throughout the month.
images ar
Work on your semester goal.
The website is:  http://arbookfind.com
AR tests will be given on Mondays and Thursdays during lunch recess.


Make sure you are working in the First Grade field. There are tabs to the left, you want number 1 for first grade.





Students should spend 20 minutes per week working in first grade IXL. The topics/area are skills we are currently working on. Topic/area: C, will be worked on all year. Those are our addition facts which students need to master with fluency. The topics/areas are not assignments you must finish each week, they are suggestions of topics/areas to work in.

As their parent, you have some information on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. You may use this knowledge to work on additional topics/areas as you see fit. I list what we are currently learning/working on so that you can practice those skills. Time/3D shapes/place value/Money, these topics do not come up directly till 3rd or 4th quarter so I do not expect that if you work in that area your child would fully grasp the concepts.

IXL practice: 20 min. per week


Our school uses two programs your child will be participating in. They are IXL and Accelerated Reader (AR).


Our school participates in IXL, a computer based Math program.

First Graders should be working in this program for 20 minutes a week.

You can click on the link below to take you there.


images ar

Research shows that reading something of interest to or with your child for the enjoyment of reading is beneficial. We are blessed to be participants in the Accelerated Reading (AR) program.  Ms. K requires that first graders participate in the program as part of their reading grade. AR is tracked by points per semester. Your child will be given an AR paper in their reading folder by Ms. K, when your child has finished their book you will fill out this paper and send it to school with your child. Upon arriving at school the child will put their reading folder, including their AR paper, in the AR basket and I will know to send them to take the AR test. The AR test is a reading comprehension test based on the story they read.  Ms. K will receive the test results and update the AR paper in your child’s folder. Ms. K sets these goals for your child each semester. First Graders should start reading for about 10 minutes a day. Overtime they should increase their reading stamina to 15-20 minutes a day.  As always do what works best for your child as their parent you know them best. Please remember that this reading should be enjoyable.  If your child is having a lot of trouble with the book then you should pick an easier book, one that has a lower level. The goal is to make them life long readers, we don’t want them frustrated. I want this to be a positive experience. Cuddle up with a good book and enjoy this experience together, this is a great bonding time.

The following website is a place to look and see if books you have at home or at the public library are Accelerated Reader books, not every book is. Your child may also check out AR books from our library on their library day. The librarian does not make them check out AR books, so let me know or send a note if you want your child to check out a book specifically for AR.

The website is:  http://arbookfind.com


If your child is ever absent, their school work will be sent home for completion. (See the student/parent handbook for time frame.)

If we are working on assignment in class and your child is unable to finish during school time for one reason or another, their work may be sent home for completion. Keep in mind that every attempt to complete this work will be made so that is does not need to go home. If your child is having difficulty understanding or grasping the assignment I will plan for extra time to work on the assignment/concept with your child. My hope is that you take notice that this assignment has come home for a reason. Maybe you could talk to your child about why it came home.

*Is It because it is something that just takes them a little more time to do?

*Is it because they do not understand the concept and a conversation with you could  better communicate that to me?

*Is it because they were not on task during class? (Work habits could be discussed.)


There will be a few projects throughout the year, for example: a Personal Timeline project, Good Citizen Project, and a Ten Commandments project.

If you have questions or concerns you may contact me at: tgroenke@stlucysschool.com





Important Dates


(school calendar)





Mass Petitions/Gifts


Readings were sent home, please practice with your child.


Alex, Madisyn, Nina


Greyson, Alexa, William

 Rainbow of Expectations
Everyone starts at green, they can move up or down based on happy/sad choices they make during the day.

Book Mobile

In order for your child to check out books you will need to get them a Racine library card.I have been informed that the child must have their own library card not their parents card.


We have snack everyday. Please send in a HEALTHY snack and drink each day. (this is an individual snack for your child only, there is no sharing) I will have something available for those who forget.(ex. cheerios, fruit snacks) There is also a water fountain in our classroom. The First Graders will be well hydrated.

I would appreciate anyone who would like to donate something for the emergency snack pantry. Fell free to send in some healthy snacks for us to have on hand so that no one goes with out. I am aware that some students have eating restrictions. If you would like to send in something specific for your child only, feel free to label it as such and I can put it in the pantry.

Special Schedule


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First Grade Mass Day

(parents are welcome to join us)

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