++++++Welcome to the St. Lucy Second Grade web page!  I am so excited to have all of you in my class this year and look forward to lots of fun and learning together.




Math AM DO NOT WORK AHEAD IN THE BOOK  or tear out pages

Practice telling time on analog clocks at home every day!

Math PMDo not work ahead or tear ot page

Work on basic Addition and Subtraction facts up to 20 every day with a parent for 5-10 minutes!!


Reading workbook pages (use cursive where needed)

Handwriting pages


There are no  Spelling words this week!































Important Dates

Specials Classes for the 2nd grade are as follows: Please be sure to have  PE shoes on PE Days!  Girls, please  wear your gym shoes to school on PE days and then change into your fashion shoes/boots after that class.  Thanks!

Monday: PE

Tuesday: Art, Music

Wednesday: Mass. PE, Computer, Bookmobile  (every other week)

Thursday: PE, Library, Music, Art

Friday: Spanish

Second graders eat lunch each day at 11:00 am.














Again, please check with your child on the school supplies that they need to replace. We need these supplies to do our “job” at school well.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!!

If your child’s math book cover (or any cover for that matter) is torn off, please help them tape it back on. Thanks.

 Parents, Please do not have your child work ahead in any of our books.  If you want to practice skills, please do the work on a separate sheet of paper.  Thanks!!

Please help your child with genuflecting and making the sign of the cross correctly as well as how to follow along with Mass when you go on the weekend.  Some of the students seem to need these reminders. Thank you.

There are no more bookmobile visits for 2nd graders for the remainder of this school year.  Remember that your child must have his or her Racine library card here that day to use the bookmobile.  Also be aware that you are responsible for any overdue/missing books fines.



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