Welcome families!
I am looking for a few older hard sided suitcases to contain science units in for storage. Any donations are welcome!
1% Challenge postcards that went home are for parents.  Father Javier was inviting you to join the school children in the 1% challenge.  
Please see Assignment Calendars by grade level below for updates on assignments and assessments.
Click HERE for grade specific Parent Curriculum Guides.
Mrs. Palkki

Please continue to ask your child about the topics we are studying in science class. If students state they have NO science homework, I encourage them to read and take notes in their Science Notebook from the section we are studying. Students with strong study habits will perform better on assessments and activities.

Important Dates


Monday: P.E., Spanish

Tuesday: Mass, Music, Art

Wednesday: Music, P.E., Computer, Bookmobile  (every other week)

Thursday: Art

Friday: Spanish, P.E., Library

Lunch: 11:25 AM



Middle School Science: Course Description

In alignment with the Milwaukee Archdiocese Standards, St. Lucy’s School offers middle school science courses that include an integrated study of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. All three courses focus on making science a hands-on experience with labs and activities that engage students in practicing the steps of the scientific method. Nonfiction reading strategies are included to help students understand and organize information covered and to connect their science experience with other subjects, especially math, in improving their understanding of the scientific and faith based world around them. In addition, S.T.E.M. skills and the design process are integral components to our science program. 

Skill x Effort/Study Time = Success

Mrs. Palkki

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