Homework for Thursday, May 24:

6th Grade Social Studies: None
7th Grade Social Studies: Is Venice Slipping Away due Friday May 26
8th Grade Social Studies: None

7th Grade Religion: American Life worksheet due Friday May 26
7th Grade Reading: Review for Ch 7-9 due Friday May 26
7th Grade Language Arts: p. 145 Ex 10 (will work on it tomorrow in class)
7th Grade Spelling:  p180-181 due Friday May 26







Important Dates

Tuesday and Wednesday May 16th and 17th:  8th grade Social Studies Test

Wednesday, May 17th:  Ch 9 Religion Test

Friday, May 12th:  6th Grade Social Studies Test

Friday, May 26th:  Memorial Day Walk

Monday, May 29th:  No School




As more dates are established, I will be sure to update them here and with the student as well.


Welcome to 6th, 7th and 8th grade

Contact Information

▶Email me: nstegall@stlucysschool.com
       *  I will reply as soon as I possibly can within 24 hours

▶Send me a note
*  I will reply as soon as I possibly can (usually by the end of the school day)

▶Call the school at 1-262-554-1801
*  My extension is 107, Leave me a voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as I can

Class Rules 

▶The classroom rules are posted and are expected to be followed daily.

▶The Rules are:
* Respect everyone at all times
* Listen when others are talking
* Raise your hand if you wish to talk
* Ask to leave the classroom
* Respect your neighbor’s property at all times

Behavior / Discipline Policy

▶The following Behavior Policy is in use each and every day in 5th grade.

1st offense —– verbal warning

2nd offense —— tally on Behavior Chart

3rd offense ——- another tally and write broken rule 15 times

4th offense —– “Think Sheet” to be completed and signed by parents (email to parents)

5th offense —– Meeting with Mrs. Stegall and parents (principal if necessary)

▶The goal of this policy is to focus on good, Christian behaviors.

▶Each and every day is a new opportunity for students to start fresh.


▶Homework will be given/assigned 2-3 times per week.
*  The amount will vary daily depending on what needs to be practiced further.
*  Sometimes the amount will reflect things not finished during the day as well.

▶Please make sure to check the website and/or the Homework Hotline for due dates as some things are due on different days to allow balance and a sense of responsibility. This also helps the students focus on organizational skills.
*  Class website: http://stlucysschool.com/classrooms/7th/.

“Lunch Bunch” (grades 5-8)

▶If your child has a missing assignment, s/he will be sent to the new “Lunch Bunch” during their lunch/recess time. At the Lunch Bunch, your child will be required to complete the missing assignment while eating their lunch. Your child will have one week to complete the missing assignment during the Lunch Bunch. Missing Assignments can be from any class, including Music, Spanish, Art, etc.

▶If the assignment is still not completed at the week’s end, your child may be required to attend a meeting with their teacher(s) to discuss an Intervention Action Plan. This meeting will be required for students missing 10-19 assignments, cumulatively per quarter. Students missing 20 to 24 assignments will be required to meet with parents, teachers, and Mrs. Koepke. If the amount of missing work exceeds 25, a meeting with Father Javier may be requested.

Missing Assignments:

1-9 Lunch Bunch

10-19 Lunch Bunch / Conference with Teachers to discuss Action Plan

20-24 Lunch Bunch / Conference with Teachers, Parents, and Mrs. Koepke

25 + Lunch Bunch / Conference with Teachers, Parents, Mrs. Koepke, and Father Javier

▶If an assignment is not turned in or significantly late, only partial credit may be given at the individual teacher’s discretion. All assignments are due the week before the end of the quarter. If there are any questions or issues, we encourage parents to set up a meeting with your child and the teacher before the grade is finalized. Our goal is for students to take responsibility for keeping up with their assigned classwork.

▶We are very excited about this chance for our students to be successful and develop strong work habits. If you have any questions, please contact one of us.

Class Schedule

▶6th Grade: Ancient History through the Renaissance

▶7th Grade: Geography and World History after the Renaissance

▶8th Grade: US History : beginnings through the present


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