Grade K3: It’s all about trying new mediums right now in K3–sticky paper, watercolors, and scissors!

Grade K4: Working on precise cutting and coloring in the lines. Also, mixing mediums, such as crayons and watercolors!

Grade K5: Watercolors, markers, and paper plates are all the rage right now in K5. Students also interact with different objects in new ways, such as coloring cotton balls with markers. All about experimentation!

Grade 1: Students proved their cutting abilities with a fish project, and creating an environment for that fish. Some included Pokemon! Also, we just used markers like watercolors!

Grade 2: The students are working very hard at staying on task while they do their artwork. Our recent projects include using a wet watercolor technique to make fireworks.

Grade 3: The class started to draw a picture, then after a minute, had to send it off to their next classmate. The picture went all the way around the class, with each students adding something to the story!

Grade 4: Sketchbooks due every Thursday. Recent project includes a glue-resist with watercolor techniques.

Grade 5: Sketchbooks due every Tuesday. Students learned about foreground, middle ground, and background, using Robert S. Duncanson, an early American landscape artist, as an example. Students are watercoloring their own landscapes with those three elements.

Grade 6: Sketchbooks due every Thursday. Right now, the students are making their own street views with one-point perspective.

Grade 7: Sketchbooks due every Thursday. The recent project includes learning what monochrome means and applying that knowledge to their own painting.

Grade 8: Sketchbooks due every Tuesday. Students are finishing up analogous skyscapes. They looked at reference of skies, had to use a limited analogous color palette. Now they are looking at movie posters and learning now to find out what’s important about the movie just by looking at it. This unit will focus on writing and dissecting art.

Important Dates


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