6th, 7th and 8th grade:   Our Quiz #2 of the Third Quarter is coming!! Remember to practice at home you could: Use your flashcards, Sing “Los Muchachos Song” and the Práctica sheets. Remember that you will also be evaluating the verb to be- SER /singular and plural), Los números del 0-10 and más/menos. Thank you for your responsibility and effort in our class!  Hasta luego!

KINDERGARTEN PARENTS! We are learning the Spanish body parts (Las partes del cuerpo en Español). You can practice with the little ones using a stuff animal or a Mr. or Mrs. Potato to practice the body parts with them. We are learning new songs and counting from 1-18. I have attached some links that you can practice the numbers in Spanish at home. You can use pieces of their favorite fruit to count one by one and have a fun time! Thank you for your support. 

4th and 5th grade:  We are learning about “La ropa” (Clothing). We have vocabulary and practice sheets in our Spanish Folder. They are also learning about the clothing in other countries and cultures. Ask them about. Hasta luego! 

3rd grade: We are learning Las partes de cuerpo (body parts). You can play at home Simon Dice like we did in class and keep practicing our new topic! Ask your children about the activities we are doing in class! Nos vemos!


Important Dates

6th, 7th, 8th grades. Spanish Quiz #2 THIRD QUARTER. Monday, March 19th. Nos vemos!



Hola, buenos días! Here are some reminders for you guys:

1st & 2nd grades. Parents: We are learning about LA FAMILIA (The family). The guys have flashcards which you can use to practice at home. Hasta la vista!