Grade K3: Focus on animal words, and next is transportation vehicles!

Grade K4: We’ll be moving on from animal words to vehicle words soon!

Grade K5: All about classroom words! Escritorio, papel, borrador!

Grade 1: We finished school words and will not focus on clothing words! After that is family words!

Grade 2: Words from the kitchen are what we’re working on right now!

Grade 3: Learned about masculine and feminine words. Now onto body words!

Grade 4: We are working on possessive words (mi, tu, se, nuestro), and will move onto body words!

Grade 5: Spanish pronouns have been the focus this quarter.

Grade 6: Describing words using the verb “ser” have been our focus.

Grade 7: Still working on using “Donde esta” statements with classroom words. Our weekly quizzes are going well, and the focus this quarter has been making mistakes on our activities so we can do well on the worksheets.

Grade 8: Packet for “La Carta Misteriosa” will be corrected Thursday, May 4th. Starting next week, a project with the children’s book “Where is my hat?” will be our focus. Students will be looking at “negative” statements and making their own story based on the hat story. Due June 1st.

Important Dates


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