Grade K3: Colors and numbers have been our game, but now we are moving onto Spanish food words with our good friend Perrito (Puppy, in Spanish!).

Grade K4: Along with learning “Hola” and “Adios”, students are yelling color vocabulary around the classroom. Students must run around and call out the Spanish word of a color when they find the object. We’re also learning a song for more easy remembering!

Grade K5: Students are learning to count to 5!

Grade 1: Colors color colors. Whether it’s coloring them in or learning to read them out loud, it’s all about colors right now!

Grade 2: Students are working on family member names! Madre, padre, hermano, hermana. Soon we’ll make a family tree!

Grade 3: Students are starting off with a review of beginning conversation phrases, and will be moving onto learning pronouns.

Grade 4: The students are starting strong with learning the big, big number words! Veinte (20), treinta (30), and so on! Each class starts off with an Actividad (Activity) that builds off of the previous lesson or knowledge. Such as right now, students are being asked questions: “How many hours are in the day?”–which of course they now have no trouble figure out how to write! Each class starts off with an Actividad (Activity) that buildson what they previously learned or the current lesson.

Grade 5: Every class starts with an Actividad (Activity) that builds off of the previous lesson or knowledge from previous years. The main lesson right now learning direct and indirect articles (the, a, some) and how to make them plural when the object/noun is plural. Worksheet page 17 is due November14th.

Grade 6: Students recall how to say “Me gusta” (“I like”), but with actions/verbs instead of just nouns! This year will focus on verb vocabulary. Every class begins with a question or a translation of Spanish words they have had before or are having during the unit lesson.

Grade 7: Students are remembering their Spanish pronouns and will recall conjugation of verbs this quarter. The end goal is to create a speaking-project involving the subject and school object words we know with correct sentences.

Grade 8: Every class starts with a question and/or translation. This year includes a lot of reading of paragraphs, with the goal for the students to be reading a chapter book by the end of the year. We’re working on a short exchange between family members right now, and answering the questions associated with the paragraph.

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