Hola, ¿Cómo están? Here are some reminders for you guys:

6th, 7th and 8th grade:   Use and practice the Flashcards of Los Pronombres Personales” to continue practicing the new topic every day until the day of the quiz, that will be on Monday, December 11th.  You have the video song as an extra resource also. Nos vemos!

5th grade. Continue practicing with the weather wheel the different climas y temperaturas. Remember that these days we have been working the seasons (Las estaciones) for the next day of classes we will be creating a postcard. Don´t forget your crayons and markers for that day! Hasta luego!

KINDERGARTEN PARENTS! We are learning the Spanish body parts (Las partes del cuerpo en Español). You can practice with the little ones using a stuff animal or a Mr. or Mrs. Potatoe to practice the body parts with them. We are learnig new songs and counting from 1-15. I have attached some links with which you can practice the numbers in Spanish at home. You can use pieces of your favorite fruit to count one by one and have a fun time! Thank you for your support. 



Important Dates

6th, 7th, 8th grades. Spanish Quiz #2, “Los Pronombres” on Monday, December 11th. Nos vemos!

4th grade. Finish the Seasons Tree and give me on Monday 11th. Gracias!


Hola, buenos días! Here are some reminders for you guys:

1st & 2nd grades. Parents: We are learning and practicing with different activities the numbers from 1-20 in Spanish, but we will learn 20 by 20 until 100, so It will be very helpful if you practice with your children at home, because we only see each other once a week; 5 or 10 minutes daily will be great! We has been counting with Cheerios, ask to your children about the many activities we have been doing. Please, Check the area links below, I attached some videos you can use and watch with your children’s and learn together! Hasta la vista!


3rd, 4th grades.   Keep going with the practice of the las estaciones del año (the seasons) Hasta Luego!.