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The community of St. Lucy is proud of the educational levels of its teachers… all are degreed and certified. We are very proud of the skill growth of our students in the curricular areas. We offer a comprehensive reading/phonics/language arts program, which includes an extensive tutoring program where every child is given one-on-one instruction on grammar structure. Our math program is very progressive and eighth graders are offered the opportunity to take algebra in our building. Science is offered as a hands-on experience and reading/literature is performance based.

Religion Reading
Mathematics Language Arts
Phonics (Gr 1-4) Science
Social Studies Handwriting (K4- 4)
Music Art
Physical Education Bookmobile
Computer Library

Grades K3 through five are self-contained classrooms.  Provisions for individualized instruction are made when necessary.

Grades six through eight are departmentalized allowing each teacher to focus and instruct in one major area, i.e., reading, math, science or social studies. Computers, Art, Music, Library, Spanish and Physical Education are taught by area-specific specialists.  The remaining subjects are taught by the homeroom teacher.

In some instances classes are divided in groups, i.e., reading, math, phy ed, computer and library groups. It is at the discretion of the principal to move students in and out of these groups as necessary for the health and safety of the child. Parents may not interfere with the formation and/or movement of students within these groups.

Grade/Subject specific curriculum are available upon request at the school office.