Admissions Policy

Non-discrimination Policy

St. Lucy Parish Catholic School, Racine, Wisconsin, admits students of any race, color, handicap, gender and/or religious, national or ethnic origin.



Admission Preference

Class size shall be limited to no more than 35 students in grades K-8. 4 year old Kindergarten shall be limited to 15 students in the morning session and 15 students in the afternoon session.

An exception will be made for any child enrolled at St. Lucy Parish Catholic School who leaves for exceptional education opportunities. When the appropriate time arrives for the child to return to St. Lucy Parish Catholic School, a seat will automatically be made available for him/her.

Admission of new students to St. Lucy Parish Catholic School will be granted on a firstcome-first served basis. The following priorities will be allowed during Registration Week:

  1. To all children currently enrolled.
  2. To child/ren of families with siblings currently enrolled in school.
  3. To children of parishioners.
  4. To children from other Catholic Parishes.
  5. To children of Non-Catholics.

All students are on probation during the first year of their attendance at St. Lucy Parish Catholic School. During the first year probationary period, it will be determined through observation assessment and daily work whether or not St. Lucy Parish Catholic School can meet the needs of the students

Special Needs

Beginning with the 1986-87 school year the Wisconsin Legislature through the Department of Public Instruction, required that Wisconsin school districts develop and implement plans for improving educational outcomes for students at risk. The statute requires that the school identify strategies for serving students at risk, identify those students who meet the state’s definition of at risk, notify students and parent(s) by letter that they may seek extra assistance through the identified strategies, provide the assistance and evaluation of student outcomes.

At-Risk Policy

The teaching staff and community of St. Lucy Parish Catholic School are committed to providing the best possible education for the children at St. Lucy Parish Catholic School. We recognize that some children may be at-risk either academically or behaviorally.

For those children that are at-risk academically the staff will provide the following interventions.

  1. Establish home to school communication.
  2. Work with the parents towards successful resolution.
  3. Provide one-on-one instruction.
  4. Simplify vocabulary of test items and practice sheets.
  5. Provide tests in segments so that students turn in one segment before receiving the next part.
  6. Provide visual or memory aids such as number lines, formulas, pictures, and charts.
  7. Emphasize main ideas and supporting details.
  8. Provide peer tutors.
  9. Vary the method of lesson presentation: lecture, small group, audio-visuals demonstrations, experiments, games and simulations.
  10. Have student read the lesson aloud to parent, aide volunteer, peer tutor, or teacher.
  11. Ask student to repeat directions/assignments to insure understanding.
  12. Combine materials to include multi-sensory experiences,e.g., use test with a filmstrip or other visual.
  13. Provide 1 – 1 testing.

If the child is at-risk because of his/her behavior the teacher will:

  1. Establish a home to school communication.
  2. List small steps needed to change the behavior, and implement a plan to change one step at a time.
  3. Give nonverbal or verbal signals/prompts to monitor behavior.
  4. Reinforce correct responses immediately.
  5. Move closer to student to monitor behavior.
  6. Discuss inappropriate behavior with student in PRIVATE.
  7. Confer with parents on a regular basis.
  8. Offer social reinforces, e.g., praise, smile for appropriate behavior.
  9. Allow student to move to another location in the room to regain control.
  10. Put student on a daily/weekly progress report.
  11. Provide self-checking materials.

If no visible sign of success can be measured, the St. Lucy Leadership Team will use their expertise in testing the child and designing a plan of action that she/he will implement with the child.

If the school and the parent(s) are not satisfied with the progress of the student, with the consent of the parent(s), the child will be referred to the Unified Division of Exceptional Education IEP Team for evaluation. The teachers and parents will then work with the recommendations of the IEP team on specific strategies, or if necessary the parent will be asked to enroll the child in the local public school to receive the necessary special services that St. Lucy Parish Catholic School cannot provide for the child.

Child Custody

In an attempt to keep the school a neutral safe place for children to grow and be nurtured, the community of St. Lucy Parish Catholic School finds it necessary to develop a system-wide policy to address such situations.

When school authorities learn that a student is the subject of a court decree, which restricts the placement or contact of either parent with the child, a request shall be given to the parent who maintains primary physical placement of the child to submit a copy of this court decree. Alternately, a letter from an officer of the court stating the requirements of the court in this matter will suffice.

If a court has issued an order affecting the physical placement of a child pursuant to Wis. Stat. 767.24 (or a comparable statute of another state), all information regarding the student shall be available to both parents in conformity with Wis. Stat. 118.125 (2) (a) unless one parent has been denied periods of physical placement with the child by the court under Wis. 767.24(4). in which case, no student information will be provided to the parent who has been denied periods of physical placement, in conformity with Wis. Stat. 118.125(2)(m).

If the parent falsely claims restrictions of the other parent’s rights concerning the child, the other parent will be allowed to file a certified copy of the most recent court order on the matter.

At all times, St. Lucy Parish Catholic School will abide by the most recent court order. Unless there are court-imposed restrictions the non-placement parent will be given all:

  1. grade reports
  2. notices of school activities
  3. copies of disciplinary action
  4. conference times to meet with the classroom teacher/principal
  5. rights to participate in all school activities to which the primary physical placement parent is invited

Unless specifically permitted by the primary placement parent or by court order and a certified copy of the order is on file with St. Lucy Parish Catholic School, the non placement parent will not be allowed visitation with the child/ren during school hours. Similarly, St. Lucy Parish Catholic School will not release a child/ren to a nonplacement parent without the written permission of the primary placement parent or by court order.