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The staff of St. Lucy Parish Catholic School firmly believes that retention should be done judiciously as a final option after considering grade standards as well as the many factors affecting retention.

Factors to be considered when retaining a child include:

  • Chronological Age – The student who is in the younger half of the class may be less penalized by adding a year to his/her academic life.
  • Intellectual Ability – The slow learning student may achieve below grade level and retention will only temporarily alleviate the discrepancy. In addition, the slow learning student often drops out of school.
  • Physical Size – The early maturing student might well suffer indignities when placed with smaller students or may inflict such indignities placed with smaller students or may inflict such indignities on others.
  • Present Grade Placement – Retention should normally take place during kindergarten, first, or second grade. Retention beyond this point usually compounds the student’s progress.
  • Siblings – Family difficulties often arise when retention causes the placement of siblings in the same grade.
  • Peer Relationships – Retention may adversely affect the relationship of the student within the community/neighborhood group with which he/she closely identifies.
  • Group Decision – The school principal, school supportive personnel, parents, and the classroom teacher should be involved in a decision to retain the student.
  • Child’s Attitude – Ideally the student should be a partner in the group decision for retention or promotion. When the student child is part of the planning a more favorable attitude results.
  • Parental Involvement – When retention is being considered parents are to be contacted several times during the year to be appraised of the student’s progress and needs.

The procedures for retention of a child shall be:

  1. At the end of the first 9 week marking period, the teachers should discuss extreme learning difficulties exhibited by students with the school principal to develop a program for remedial action.
  2. At the end of the second nine week marking period, the principal or the teacher with the principal’s approval should discuss the retention possibility with the parent.
  3. The conference with the parents should include the reasons for the recommendations in addition to samples of the student’s work, standardized test scores, etc.
  4. Conference objectives should aim toward a mutual decision between the parents and the school.
  5. Between May 1 and May 15 of the school year, a conference will be held with the parent, principal and teacher to inform the parents of the school’s final decision.

Students shall not be considered for more than one retention during their school career.  Final decisions on retention will rest with the local school authorities.