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Report Cards / Grading System

Report cards are issued quarterly.  Academic progress as well as personal growth are indicated.  Parent/teacher contact is greatly encouraged at all times during the year in dealing with potential problems or needs. A student will achieve honor roll status with a grade point average of 3.0 and above.  Certificates will be presented at a honor roll mass quarterly. High and low honor rolls are published quarterly in the Journal Times.

Grading System

Quarterly grades for grades four through eight are based on averages of daily work, quizzes and tests:


A        100 to 93                     Excellent / Exceptional / Advanced Quality
B         92 to 85                      Very Good / Proficient / Meets Quality Expectations
C         84 to 76                      Satisfactory / Meets Basic Expectations
D         75 to 70                      Needs to Improve / Inconsistent / Minimal Performance
U         Below 70                   Unsatisfactory


Questions regarding any grade should be directed immediately to the teacher.

The grading system for the primary grades is less structured to allow personal growth without the pressure of academic grades.

Instilling the pure joy of learning is an important element of the Kindergarten program:

S                     Secure
P                     Progressing
N                     Needs to Improve