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Why St Lucy Catholic Parish School

The answer can easily be found through a conversation with any of our St Lucy Catholic alumni. Immediately evident is the confidence and passion with which they speak about the school. You will likely notice a sense of gratitude and respect for friendships made and experiences enjoyed. But mostly, the genuine love and respect our alums express for teachers, staff and peers, will leave you asking “Why not St Lucy Catholic?”

Following are a few key points of difference that make St Lucy Catholic so dearly loved:


St Lucy Catholic acknowledges parents as the primary educators of their children and thus views its education and formation programs as being in partnership with the efforts of parents in the home. Our efforts are intended to be a reinforcement of the values and principles instilled in the home. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in the life of the school so they may gain from the strength of our community and contribute their own hopes and dreams to a common vision for our children.


St Lucy Catholic teachers are well-trained, professional educators, many of whom hold advanced degrees. Moreover, they are devoted to their vocation, commonly viewing it as a personal ministry in the service of Christ, His church and the Catholic family. With this devotion they bring unusual energy and enthusiasm, tempered with kindness and patience, to the classroom each day.


St Lucy Catholic is, above all else, a community brought together by a common set of beliefs, values and aspirations. For this reason, you will find that our students are not overly influenced by mainstream ideas, nor are they driven by the latest trends in popular culture. Rather, St Lucy Catholic students tend to reflect the high ideals that brought them here. These are the peers with whom each child at the School associates, befriends, and matures.