++++++Welcome to the St. Lucy Second Grade web page!  I am so excited to have all of you in my class this year and look forward to lots of fun and learning together.

 Homework for May 24, 2019







Please make sure that your child is reading a book that they can take an Accelerated Reading test on soon.  They read an AR book of their choice on their own or with a parent in their spare time NOT in Reading class time. Then you sign the form in their yellow folder with the book’s title and they will take the test during reading class. Use the website of www.arbookfind.com to check to see if a story is an AR book or not. AR books can be found in the library, from the bookmobile, and from their own books.  Please see Ms. Karpowicz or Mrs.Sabelka if you have further questions! 




SPELLING:   The Spelling words for this week should come home on Monday. The test is on Friday! Don’t forget to practice them in cursive!





We used hand lenses in class and one is missing! If it is found at home,in a pocket or back back, please return it to the second grade. Thank you!



HANDWRITING: Finish pages 


TECHNOLOGY CLASS: Finish cutting out the letters only and gluing them on the paper keyboard that Mrs. Gibson helped you start in class. Return it to school!!


 IXL:  Your  IXL this week are R6 and P10. They are due by May 26, 2019. (I do count this as an assignment in your Math grade!)



Second Graders, practice tying your shoes at home and zipping your coats,too.


































Important Dates

The second graders will have their LAST opportunity to use the Racine Library Bookmobile on May 29, 2019.  They MUST have a Racine Library card to check out any books.  Parents are responsible for any fines their child incurs.

 Specials Classes for the 2nd grade are as follows: Please be sure to have  PE shoes on PE Days!  Girls, please  wear your gym shoes to school on PE days and then change into your fashion shoes/boots after that class.  Thanks!

Monday: Spanish

Tuesday: Music, Art and Library

Wednesday: Mass. PE, Computer, Bookmobile  (every other week)

Thursday: Art, Music,

Friday: PE

Second graders eat lunch each day at 10:55 am.














Parents, please review the Birthday Policy rules in a letter coming home with your child!  Thank you.


Parents, When your child misses school they are expected to make up any missed work in the same  amount of days that they missed. I am starting to have students returning after that time without the work completed and hearing the excuse that “I didn’t have time.” Please check over their missing work with them, so bad habits aren’t started. Thank you.



CONGRATULATIONS! These students have met their Accelerated Reading Goal for Quarter 4. We are so proud of you!

Jackson, Jillian



Parents, Second grade does not have any nut allergies at this time.  I wanted you to be aware as you plan for birthday/party treats throughout the year.  We do have 18 students, as well.


Parents, I am having some of you tell me that your child will be missing school for various reasons. When I mention these upcoming absences to the school office, Mrs. Urban tells me that she has not received a note from you informing the office of those dates.  Please remember to send a note in with your child whenever you know they will be out of school so that all parties are informed.  Thank you!


 Parents, Please do not have your child work ahead in any of our books. Check the sources for homework before telling them to do specific pages.  If you want to practice skills, please do the work on a separate sheet of paper.  Thanks so much!!


Please help your child with genuflecting and making the sign of the cross correctly as well as how to follow along with Mass when you go on the weekend.  Some of the students seem to need these reminders. Thank you.