++++++Welcome to the St. Lucy Second Grade web page!  I am so excited to have all of you in my class this year and look forward to lots of fun and learning together.

 Homework for September 18, 2018




SPELLING: test on Friday


finish word problem worksheet




 IXL:  E1 and E10 These need to be completed by Sunday evening, Sept. 23, 2018. I do count this as an assignment in your Math grade!



Amelia, Jillian and Paul who have a Mass reading to practice each night with a parent for Wednesday’s Mass.































Important Dates

The second graders will have an opportunity to use the Racine Library Bookmobile on September 19, 2018.  They MUST have a Racine Library card to check out any books.  Parents are responsible for any fines their child incurs.The next turn to use it will be on Oct. 3, 2018.





 Specials Classes for the 2nd grade are as follows: Please be sure to have  PE shoes on PE Days!  Girls, please  wear your gym shoes to school on PE days and then change into your fashion shoes/boots after that class.  Thanks!

Monday: Spanish

Tuesday: Music, Art and Library

Wednesday: Mass. PE, Computer, Bookmobile  (every other week)

Thursday: Art, Music,

Friday: PE

Second graders eat lunch each day at 10:55 am.














Parents, IXL will begin this week for second graders. Stapled to their student planners today is their username and passwords. This is math practice done on the internet. The address is https://www.ixl.com  Please help them to get logged on, if they need help. I ask that they have this week’s assignment done by Sunday evening 9/23/18.  Thank you!


During the very warm weather, students may bring 1 water bottle to school to sip on.  The clear,plastic bottle must have only water in it  .  We will not refill them during the school day, so remind them to sip not gulp!  As soon as “normal” weather returns, water bottles will not be allowed in the classroom, but they may keep it in their backpack in their locker if desired to drink after recesses instead of using the drinking fountains.



 Parents, Please do not have your child work ahead in any of our books. Check the sources for homework before telling them to do specific pages.  If you want to practice skills, please do the work on a separate sheet of paper.  Thanks so much!!

Please help your child with genuflecting and making the sign of the cross correctly as well as how to follow along with Mass when you go on the weekend.  Some of the students seem to need these reminders. Thank you.