September 19, 2019

Due tomorrow:

Math: pp. 51-53

LA: Eng. bk. p.17; 8-25

Math: Chapter 1 Test
IXL: A.6 and A.2 . – 25 or more problems on each site. If you don’t like your grade after 25 problems, continue practicing until you get a grade you like.
IXL A.4 was too difficult for many, so use A.6 instead

Other: Sign and return Math Quiz

If you ever have questions, call me at home at 262-652-1477 and leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as I am able. You can call until 10:30 P.M.


















Important Dates


Welcome back.  I wasn’t sure if we were still using this, so I hadn’t filled anything in.
These are the specials this year:
Gym 7:30 A.M.
Art 7:30 A.M.
Spanish 8:15 A.M.
Music 7:30 A.M.
Mass 8:15 A.M.
Gym 1:00 P.M.
Art 7:30 A.M.
Music 8:15 A.M.

Call me if ever necessary: 1 – 262 – 652 – 1477.