September 18, 2018

Due tomorrow:

Math: pp.: 69-72, except prob. 32, 32, and 33 on p. 70.

Art: Portfolios must be done

Due Thursday:

LA/SP: DOU Test Grandfather

Due Friday:

Reading; Test Winn Dixie

Science: Quiz Water Cycle


Call me if ever necessary: 1 – 262 – 652 – 1477.














































Important Dates



Scholastic information.  Please us classroom code MRMKH when ordering.  You may use your credit card to order directly from Scholastic.  At the end of the month, I will place the total order for the class.  Do not give me checks as I only order on-line.  You may send cash and I will put your order on my credit card.  Thank you in advance.