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FAQ ‘s: Daily Language Homework

5-A-Day Language lessons should be practiced on a daily basis (Monday-Thursday).  Each week has language skill items that will be assigned for homework. These items are a spiral review of skills taught and practiced from grades 6-8. The lessons are aligned with Common Core standards. Each week, students will be assessed using a Weekly Assessment, which aligns to each week’s focus. Some students may need additional support at home and/or in school to master these standards.

Skills Included: •Gerunds, Participles, Infinitives  (CCSS L.8.1.A) •Word Connotation (CCSS L.8.5.B & C) •Context Clues (CCSS 8.7.4.A & D) •Synonyms and Antonyms (CCSS L.8.5.B) •Active and Passive Voice (CCSS L.8.1.b) •Spelling (CCSS L.8.2.C) •Greek & Latin Roots/Affixes (CCSS L.8.4.B) •Analogies (CCSS L.8.5.B) •Verb Moods (CCSS L.8.1.C) •Proofreading/Applying Conventions (CCSS L.8.2) •Commas, Dashes, & Parentheses (CCSS L.8.2.A) •Combining Sentences (CCSS L.8.1-3) •Correcting Shifts in Voice and Mood (CCSS L.8.1.D) •Morphology (Meaningful Word Parts) (CCSS L.8.4.B) •Multiple Meaning Words (CCSS L.8.4.A & C)

Important Dates