Grade K3 and K4: We’ve been learning to say the colors of the rainbow in ROY G BIV order. We Jumped and danced with Mr. Roy G. Biv and now we’re in the process of creating our very own mosaic rainbow in 3k. In 4k we’re busy constructing Roy g biv flowers.

Grade K5: Mixing colors rocks! We are talking about what happens when you mix the 3 primary colors. We read the book “Mouse Paint” and then tried our own experiment with colored skittles and M&Ms. We are currently mixing colors on coffee filters, eventually to become our “Colorwheel Hot Air Balloon!”

Grade 1: Colors are cool! We can tell you our primary and how to mix them up to get our secondary colors. We are busy working on our primary/secondary ladybug portfolios. They will contain all of our works of art that we complete throughout the coming school year. Stop by and take a look anytime!

Grade 2: Get your Ice Cold Color Wheel Ice Cream Cone Portfolios! Just what we needed to work on to cool us off these past couple of days. We are now working on watercolor washes and leaf prints to discover art in nature, patterns and lines all around us.

Grade 3: Color Wheel Fidget Spinners are all the rage! We just completed our super cool color mixing experiment by creating a color spinner. We are now in the process of created our “Primary Portfolios” in which to hold all of our masterpieces for the year.

Grade 4: “Hot and Cold Portfolios” We are currently finishing up our portfolios, which are looking awesome! We will be starting on a Native American project, to be determined, as soon as we finish up our amazing portfolios.

Grade 5: We love to sketch! These kids are awesome, I love that they are so excited to do our warm up sketch every class period. We will be starting “Sticky Trees” this week. Our objective is to better understand the Art Elements of Line, texture, shape, and color- and how they can be applied to artwork.

Grade 6-7: Graffiti Mania. We have been busy creating our graffiti style portfolios and they are looking truly amazing! I love the talent that these students bring to each class. I am impressed each class by their awesome creativity! For project due dates please see Google Classroom. I will also try to post as many pieces of artwork that I can. Like myself, I’m sure you will be truly amazed by our students’ wonderful, artistic talent!

Important Dates

8th Grade: Graffiti portfolios along with Artist Statement are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday September 19th.


For Middle School Due Dates on projects please check Google Classrooms. I hope to have it up and running by Monday. In case I do not:

8th Grade: Graffiti portfolios along with Artist Statement are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday September 19th.