Grade K3: Spring is in the air with fun bunnies, feathers, and flowers!

Grade K4: Cutting is tough! But we’re working on it!

Grade K5: We’ve been doing a great job with hand-tracing and cutting projects.

Grade 1: Our cats-on-the-fence paper cut-outs turned out really well!

Grade 2: We’ll be working on Mother’s Day projects soon. Shhhh!

Grade 3: We’ve worked on creating pictures only out of lines, mixing oil pastels, and weaving fish scales!

Grade 4: Sketchbooks due every Thursday. Our perspective buildings turned out well! We worked on cool Easter egg designs, and are taking our time on a cool 3D mug-on-paper project.

Grade 5: Sketchbooks due every Tuesday. We’re building up! Using construction paper, we’re planning a cityscape.

Grade 6: Sketchbooks due every Thursday. Using paints, were mixing from light-to-dark on a vase.

Grade 7: Sketchbooks due every Thursday. All about surrealism–making a piece as realistic as possible with imaginary concepts.

Grade 8: Sketchbooks due every Tuesday. We finished our photo mosaics recently, and are now working on recreating half a picture with the help of a graph.

Important Dates