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Grade K3: This week we will be working on our brown paper bag Jack-o-Lanterns. They are bound to be spooktacular!

Grade K4: “Oh what a tangled web we weave…” This week we will be finishing up our itsy bitsy spiders and weaving their webs on which to hang.

Grade K5: Supper excited to finish up our friendly line/pattern Halloween monsters. Keep updated with your child’s finished art projects by checking out Artsonia!

Grade 1: We are going to discuss the Mexican holiday, Dia De Los Muertos and creating our own bright and colorful sugar skull.


Grade 2: Color wheel spinners. This is a super fun way to remember the primary colors and how to mix them to arrive at the various secondary colors.


Grade 3: Just in time for the brisk autumn air, we will be creating a harvest moon star lit pumpkin patch.


Grade 4: OurTooth paste batiks turned out beautiful! Now we are moving on to weaving, as we begin to create our Mexican sun/moon circles.

Grade 5: We are discussing the Mexican holiday of Dia De Los Muertos and will begin creating our own bright and colorful sugar skulls.

Grade 6: We are very hard at work on the challenging process of creating a 1 point perspective cityscape. I can’t wait to reveal the finished masterpieces.

Grade 7: We will be finishing up our “Tree of Life” project this week. The due date is Wednesday October 31st! We will then begin our Agamograph drawings, these are going to be awesome!

8th grade: We are going to begin the messy process of paper mache, as we create our bright and colorful sugar skull masks, just in time for Dia De Los Muetos.


Important Dates

7th Grade: Final “Tree of Life” project Due Wednesday Oct. 31st, at the beginning of class. Don’t forget Artist Statement!


For Middle School Due Dates on projects please check Google Classrooms. I hope to have it up and running by Monday. In case I do not:

7th Grade: “Tree of Life” project along with Artist Statement are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday October 31st.