Read, read, read! 

Read at least one book to your child a day 🙂



Important Dates

Oct. 17th– Donut Day!

Oct. 19th- Soles for Catholic Education Walk

Oct. 25th- Field Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Oct. 28th– NO SCHOOL- Teacher Inservice




Week(s) of: 9.30.19, 10.7.19 and 10.14.19

Theme: Pumpkin Exploration!

The K3 students have been learning about and exploring pumpkins!  They have read a magazine about pumpkins, learned pumpkin songs, and read many books about them.  The students have learned a rhyme called I’m a Little Pumpkin.  They have also been working to retell the story Five Little Pumpkins, with the use of finger puppets.

This week, the students will be cutting open and exploring the inside of  jack-be-little pumpkins, feeling and identifying the seeds and pulp.  They also are learning about the outside features of a pumpkins, such as the ribs, color, and stem.