Monday Sept. 17,  We will begin the day with small shape blocks, magna-doodles, and classify places mats. Next we will hear our jobs and recite our Pledge and the Our Father.  Our story is Goldilocks ABC. For small group we will create numbers with floam, pattern with bears, and match up opposite puzzle pieces.  Our Nursery Rhyme is Jack Be Nimble.  Our color is green, our shape is oval, our number is 4, and our letter this week is Mm.

Tuesday Sept. 18  We will begin the day with paper and markers, number sequencing puzzles, and beads and pipe cleaners.  Our story will be Goatilocks.  For small group we will use ten frame and apple counters, create a paper plate apple and discuss the parts, and play apple, apple nice and round pick and apple and make it’s sound with letters.

Wednesday Sept. 19  We will begin the day with paper plates and crayons, small puzzles, and color spinners and people.  Our story will be Goldi and the Three Bears.  For small group we will build the three bears a house, determine heavy or light using a scale, and feely number cards then count that many bears.

Thursday Sept. 20,  We will begin the day with lunch bags and crayons, number match-it puzzles, and number peg boards.  Our story will be Dustlocks and the Three Bears.  We have gym so be sure to wear your tennis shoes.  For small group we will graph Teddy Grahams, do our Scholastic She is Polite magazine, and our Seeds We Learn About Jesus lesson.

Friday Sept. 21  We will begin the day with white boards and dry erase markers, stack the pancake game, and shape builders.  Our story is Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.  For small group we will be reading our number Four A-Z book, drawing an apple in our journal, and highlight and write the letter Mm.  Fun Day will begin in the afternoon!




Important Dates