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The Lesson Plan for the week is:

just click on the link and I will share the plans with you so you can know what we are working on each week.

I will be sending home a gallon bag of papers for virtual learning and other materials, please keep them in a safe place as all materials will be used for lessons.






Important Dates

St. Nick’s Dec. 6


App: When logging in, set Icon id pdf (star code) to 2568243

I have set our class up on teach your monster to read.  It is free on a computer, but the app has a fee (it was free last year I will let you know if this happens again) I used all lowercase for first name sign-in so they can do it themselves without you having to push the shift key for them.

We also have Your child’s password was sent home the first week of school.

Follow these simple steps to use Happy Numbers at home:
1. Go to
2. Click the “I’m a Student” button
3. Enter our class number (487524)
4. Select your child’s name from the class list