Tuesday, September 18th.

There is a math worksheet on greater than.


Important Dates

Sep. 28th: No School!



Tuesday, September 18th

Reading: We read Chicka Chicka 1 2 3. As they listened to the story they found rhyming words in the book. We then made Chicka Chicka rhyming hats and found the words that rhymed with tree. This was to finish up learning about rhyming words. We will review them through out the rest of the year. There are a few friends that are still having a hard time with rhyming words. If you could work on them a couple times a week at home that would be great.

Math: We talked about one group of object being greater than the other group of objects. We said that a group that is greater than the other group has more objects.

Science: We had our assessment on plants. We reviewed the parts of the plant and what they need to live and grow. Each student then had to identify the parts of a plant and tell me what they need to live and grow. There are a few students that will be doing this tomorrow.

Religion: They had Religion with Mrs. Benner today. They talked about the Bible and why it is a special book.