Tuesday, March 26th

There is no homework for tonight.

Important Dates


Tuesday, March 26th

Reading: We read Little Panda again, while we read we answered questions to help us understand and remember the important things in the story. After we read the story, we got to see the actual pandas in the San Diego Zoo by going online at the live cam. We learned that the panda in our story is no longer at the zoo and she lives back in China. Her name is Hau Mei. They also did a worksheet on verbs, so that I can see who still needs help and who is getting them. They are all doing well with verbs.

If you would like to see the pandas at the zoo, you can go to the following link;https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/cams/panda-cam

Math: The math assessment had to be postponed until tomorrow. They were able to do two math centers today.

Religion: They continued to talk about the church. They looked at pictures from the church and talked about what some of the different things in the pictures were.

Social Studies: We started talking about needs and wants. We watched a few videos on YouTube to learn what needs and wants were. After the videos were done, they talked in their table groups to come up with some examples of needs and wants. I then called on some students to share their examples with the class, and I wrote them on the SmartBoard.