The Following parents have been picked to chaperone the field trip to see the Three Little Pigs on January 14th.: Mrs. Harmann (Abby H.’s mom), Mrs. Helt (Grayson’s mom), and Ms. Schaefer (Audrey’s mom.) Thank you to all of those that said they would be willing to chaperone. If you did not get chosen this time, please keep an eye out for our next field trip.

Thursday, January 10th

There is a math packet for numbers 11 to 20, that is due on Wednesday.




Important Dates

Cold Weather!! Now that the cold weather is here please make sure that your child has a coat, hat, and gloves. We sill go outside for recess. If there is snow please make sure that you send snow pants and snow boots with your child. Also, please send them in a separate bah, not in their backpack. Have all of your child’s winter gear labeled. We can not go in the snow unless everyone has all of their snow gear. There are times that we are the only class outside.

Just a reminder! Please remember to pack a healthy snack for your child for snack time. Chips and cheese puffs and things like that are not a healthy snack.



Wednesday, January 9th

Reading: We sounded out words that started with /s/ and a few that we needed to know for our story. We partner read our story Sam and Tam in our readers. They also did a reading center. They filled in the missing words in sentences.

Science: We talked about magnets and how they work. Tomorrow they will have different magnets and different items to see which ones are magnetic.

Math: We counted and wrote numbers 16 and 17.

Religion: They talked about how God loves them.