Tuesday, May 21st

There is no homework for tonight.

Memorial Day walk on Friday. The students can wear red, white, and blue. They can wear shorts, but please remember they have to be an appropriate length. Please make sure that they are wearing tennis shoes. Also no thin strapped tank tops.



Important Dates

Book Orders: The book orders that will be sent home on Monday are the last ones for the year. May is the last month that I will be ordering books for the school year. You will see both the May and June book orders, they are both good in the month of May. Due: Friday, May 10th.  https://orders.scholastic.com/Q983M



Tuesday, May 21st

We had practice for the spring concert. Most of them did a nice job.

Math: We talked about 3D shapes and what they can do. How they can roll, slide, or stack. Different shapes can do different things. Some shapes we talked about can do more than one of those things.

Social Studies: We talked a little bit more about the symbols of the US. Today we talked about the Statue of Liberty and how important it is to people.

Handwriting: We worked on the letter z.

We practiced our poem form Friday for the Memorial Day walk.

In Religion they talked about the Easter candle and the light. They then made their own Easter candles.