Monday, November 19th

There is no homework for tonight.


Important Dates

Cold Weather!! Now that the cold weather is here please make sure that your child has a coat, hat, and gloves. We sill go outside for recess. If there is snow please make sure that you send snow pants and snow boots with your child. Also, please send them in a separate bah, not in their backpack. Have all of your child’s winter gear labeled.

Just a reminder! Please remember to pack a healthy snack for your child for snack time. Chips and cheese puffs and things like that are not a healthy snack.



Monday, November 19th

Reading: We read There was an Old Lady That Swallowed a Turkey. After we read the story we went through the order in which she swallowed everything. After that they did their own paper where they put what she swallowed in order and then we told the story again. They also did another reading center.

Math: We talked about how to make new shapes out of shapes that we already have. We used the pattern block shapes on the floor to make our new shapes.

Science: We talked about resources on the Earth. How we use those resources and how we can keep them and protect them.

Let’s Find Out: We did two different Let’s Find Outs. One was about Pilgrim kids and how they grew up and what they did. They other one was about Wampanoag kids and what they did growing up. We watched a video about both of them.