Our Baptism gives us new life in Christ. We become part of the body of Christ. The Sacrament of Initiation, Baptism , is what we will be spending the next few lessons talking about.

We will continue to share the message of Prayer, Penance, and Sacrifice as we are in our journeying through Lent. We have shared how we are asked to be less selfish and more aware of the needs of others. How can be a better steward of the gifts that we have been given.

Lent Sacrifice will tie in quite nicely with the gifts we receive when we are Baptized in Christ. We are called to share our gifts and talents with others. I will continue to work Lent Lessons within these weeks leading up to Easter.

The 4th Grade Class will be attending the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Friday, March 22.



















Important Dates

Sacrament of Reconciliation, Friday, March 22