This week your child received their Bible. They were not available at the beginning of the year when you purchased the school supplies. Our stock has arrived! They are $7.50. Please send the money in an envelope or baggie marked Bible as well as your child’s name on it. Thank you very much.

This is a fun unit for the kids to do. They are going to learn how to navigate the Bible and about how God’s Love Letter to us is necessary to help us to know His love. He is present with us in His word. We will be doing a lot of hands on activities with it.

The last week of October, our lessons will be focused  on All Hallows Eve, Halloween, All Saints, and All Souls day. In our faith, November 1 is the Feast of All Saints Day which is considered a Holy Day of Obligation. We will be attending Mass that day as a school.

It has been my joy to share His love with your child. We have completed the first quarter of our school year as of 10/25/2019. Please take some time to see the links that I have provided on this page. You are your child’s first teacher on the Love of Christ. There is much for us to share and there are so many great resources to grow with.

























Important Dates

The week of 10/14: Students will be tested on their Apostle’s Creed Prayer memorization. This will be an oral test.