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Extra Curricular Activities

The following two policies will be adhered to in regards to all  St. Lucy student activities:

  1. No child may participate in any after school activity if they have not been in attendance during the academic school day.
  2. If school is cancelled for any weather related reason, i.e. cold or snow, all after school activities will be cancelled.
  • Wisconsin Science Olympiad

    Selected students from grades 6-8 investigate their favorite areas of science with   other teammates to prepare for competition against other schools. Students will do research,study or build models in the particular category their choice.

  • Girl Scouts

    Girl Scouts operate on the principle that girls grow, learn and have fun by making decisions, doing and discovering for themselves.  It is dedicated to inspiring girls with the highest ideals of character, conduct, patriotism and service so that they may become happy and resourceful citizens.

    The program is divided into five age groups: Daisies (Kindergarten); Brownies (Grades one through three);  Juniors (Grades four through six); Cadettes (Grades seven through nine); and Seniors (Grades ten through twelve).  Each troop has  trained volunteer leaders who schedule the meetings with  the girls.  Activities include learning new skills, singing, games, arts & crafts, or field trips.  Camping trips maybe planned at Treifoil Oaks, Girl Scout camp in Racine County. Permission slips are required before a girl will be permitted to go on any trip away from school.

    A membership sign-up is scheduled at the beginning of each school year. Information on this sign-up will be sent home from school through the troop coordinator. A girl may also sign up during the school year. The Membership fee is currently $15.00 annually with dues stipulated by the troop leaders.  Direct inquiries to the Troop Coordinator.

  • Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

    The Boy Scouts of America, through a charter with the Home & School Association make Cub Scouting available to all first through fifth grade boys. Scouting gives boys a great opportunity to develop the character and skills they need to become well rounded young men.  With emphasis on Family, God, and Country, Cub Scouts learn to do their best while doing for others in their community.  For additional information, please contact Neil Tremelling.

    The Home & School Association also sponsors a Boy Scout troop at St. Lucy Parish Catholic School. Boy Scouting is available to boys midway thru fifth grade and up. For additional information, please call Cubmaster: Philip Diehn (Cub Scouts – Gr. 1-4) 554-9556 / or Scoutmaster: Tom Phalen (Boy Scouts – Gr. 5 and up) 554-1702 /

  • Altar Servers

    All boys and girls who are practicing Catholics and members of St. Lucy Parish, from Grade three and beyond who are sincere in the service of God and responsible for serving schedules are invited to train as servers. Being a server means SERVING GOD and His PEOPLE at Mass and liturgies. Serving is a special call from God and is a very important part in the life of the St. Lucy Parish.

  • Scholastic Challenge

    Each year six representatives from the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade participate in Scholastic Challenge.  They compete against other Catholic schools in a jeopardy like competition.  The students are asked a variety of questions from the following categories:  math, history, geography, current events, music, literature,and science.  The students compete as both individuals and team members and earn points for correct answers.  The competition is a double elimination and the winning team receives $100 in savings bonds to St.  Catherine’s High School.

  • Kiwanis Math Contest

    The Kiwanis of West Racine sponsors a Math Contest for 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students in our Catholic Schools.  The contest usually takes place in late April or early May.  The test is written by the Racine Area Catholic math teachers.  The  test is divided into two parts; the first being an individual test, the second a cooperative team test. The teams are comprised of a mix of 6th, 7th, & 8th graders  from different schools.  The 6th graders work together, the 7th together, and the 8th together.  The contest is held at St. Catherine’s High School and lasts from 8:30 – 11:30 on a Saturday morning.

  • Battle of the Books

    An opportunity for students in 4th and 5th grade to compete with other in a reading incentive program. Students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read. Students attend weekly meetings after school with Ms. V and participate in the Racine Public Library challenge.

  • Phantom Ranch

    In keeping with the St. Lucy’s Mission Statement, the 6th grade class participates in a day long outdoor field trip in Mukwonago, WI. Phantom Ranch is the culmination to the 6th grade class study of nature and the world around us. The students have the opportunity to participate in horseback riding, archery, nature hikes, canoeing, soil study, animal tracking, lake water study and fire building techniques.

  • Athletic Programs

A variety of opportunities for both boys and girls, including basketball, volleyball, track and field, cheerleading…. Open to all students, grades 5th through 8th. See our Athletic Association website for more details on the many opportunities and tournaments hosted throughout the year. 

  • Student Council

  • Community Service Projects

Several times a year, classrooms help prepare casseroles for the local soup kitchen, collect food, coats and toys for those in need, send care packages to support our troops, have competitions among classrooms to support overseas missions in the Philippines or various different school projects each year.

  • Memorial Day Walk

    The last Friday in May is started with a celebratory mass, often presided by a local bishop, followed by a march of the entire school, led by our Principal and Pastor, to Pritchard Park for a Memorial Day ceremony, including speakers, songs, salutes, and snacks! Definitely a student favorite and a memorable tribute to all who serve!

  • Computer lab & instruction and classroom smart-board technology including Clevertouch tv technology this year!

    St. Lucy offers state of the art instruction on laptop computers with wireless technology that allows us to bring the computers to the students. Several of our classrooms are also equipped with Smart Boards that allows the students and teachers to interact and learn.

  • Weekly Student Liturgy

    All students, grades 1-4, 5-8 are required to participate in mass at 8:15 am each Tuesday and Wednesday. Students in K3, K4 and K5 classes attend mass twice a month. Many parents take advantage of this time to join their children and start the day off right. Students are continually challenged to serve as choir, percussion, readers and servers during these masses.

  • POWERSCHOOL access to track student’s homework/progress

    All parents of students, grades 4 through 8 are given a Powerschool user ID and password to computer based GRADEBOOK, which gives them daily access to their student’s progress and status of homework, quizzes and tests… including missing assignments

  • 5th & 6th Grade Community Garden

    5th & 6th Graders participate in planting and maintaining a vegetable garden, learning how to properly care for the produce they are growing.

  • Lightning Theatre Guild                                                                           
  •  The Lightning Theatre Guild is an extracurricular activity offered to students in grades sixth through eighth. The guild fosters interest in theatrical productions, theater history and the ability to participate in theatrical presentations. Students will meet twice a month after school (dates to be determined quarterly) to learn about set design, set construction, lighting, sound stage management, costumes, make up, marketing, readers theater and acting.The guild members will participate in the Christmas pageant and the spring concert with musical theater presentations. In addition a fall presentation and a winter presentation will be held, and a readers’ theater production as time permits. Students in the guild will audition for each production. Each production will include all aspects of technical theater for students interested in theater, but not in acting.Students may sign up for the guild early in the school year during the guild orientation presentation.