St Lucy Catholic Parish School
A Siena Catholic School


Hot Lunch Program

Recognizing that students require good nutrition to perform well, the St. Lucy Parish Catholic School Lunch Program is dedicated to providing high quality nourishment for the school children at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on our delicious homemade healthy lunches! Generations of students who have graduated always tell us how much they miss our hot lunch! Where else can you get bread made from scratch!?

Lunches are $2.60. Invoices and/or statements are sent home with one child of each participating family at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s lunches. Payments should be returned  by the 10th of the month in an envelope provided marked “Hot Lunch Payments.” To facilitate required purchases/planning and in an effort to have children enjoy a variety of different foods, lunches must be purchased by the week or by the month. Milk may be purchased for those who do not take school lunch at a cost of .30 cents a carton.  If a student forgets lunch for a day, a school lunch will be provided.  Payment of $2.60 is due the following day.

If a child has an allergy to certain foods or needs a special diet, a note from the doctor is required. (Forms available at the school office or school kitchen.) For those requesting a vegetarian diet for religious purposes, a note from the parent must be on file in the kitchen.

Lunch supervision is provided by volunteer parents and grandparents who help the children and encourage them to try all the food offered.  Supervisors also encourage lunchroom manners and proper table etiquette.

Parent and grandparents are encouraged to participate in the school lunch program on special event lunch days that will be announced. Parents or grandparents wishing to eat lunch on any certain day are required to give 1 day notice to the kitchen staff so they can prepare accordingly. These days offer opportunity to taste the excellent food at St. Lucy and to share part of the child’s school day. Adult lunches on any of these days cost $3.25 each.  Notes will be sent home with the children informing parents of upcoming special event lunch days.