CSP Children

CSP Children – Community of St Paul

At the beginning of this year, Saint Lucy Parish School, in Racine (Wisconsin) did a “penny competition” to raise funds for the children of La Sagrada Familia parish in the Dominican Republic. At the end of the fundraising $1,500.00 were collected for the Pennies for Pencils Program.
Every year, at the beginning of the school year in the Dominican Republic, many families have difficulties to pay for the school materials and uniforms of their children. It is so hard for them to obtain these goods that as a result many kids start the school a few weeks late, when finally their families have the opportunity to buy the materials for them. With the help from Saint Lucy, La Sagrada Familia Parish has been able to give notebooks, pencils and uniforms to some of our neediest children. From here we would like to thank the school children of Saint Lucy for helping children in the Dominican Republic to go to school!!

original article appeared on the Community of Saint Paul’s website